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"Apogee of Excellence"


Extending a stage of brilliance, εpsilon brings out the fine details in music with a brilliant and glittery highs, complemented by airy and transparent vocals.

The εpsilon boasts high-quality, individually enamelled strands of copper manufactured with the renowned Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) method and dimensions tailored for a superior sound.

A hand-done 4-braid in combination with Kotori-lite insulation that exhibits high durability, flexibility, and the lack of microphonics makes for a comfortable and premium listening experience.

εpsilon employs premium audio connectors, created by world-class manufacturers to ensure quality and service longevity.


  • Kotori-lite Insulation
  • OCC Copper Litz
  • 1.2M cable length
  • 24 AWG, 4-braid
  • Furutech Connectors
  • Premium Kotori Audio Y-Splitter


Check out what our reviewers have to say about εpsilon!

"The Epsilon’s effect on the treble region is very distinct. It enhances the treble extension and resolution. Transparency is increased so they sound more open, airier, and more detailed." - Yagiz, Headfonia

"...my perspective and memories towards copper cables until I met the Epsilon. It portrays a totally different characteristic to what I remembered. It is neutral, open and transparent." - Audiolocheese

"The treble is tempered, which is highly desirable in my very technical and sometimes even slightly harsh setup. With Epsilon cable, heights are still live and bright, but a bit more relaxed and pleasant." - Kamil Owczarz, Ear Fidelity


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