Kotori Audio’s warranty policy is aimed at ensuring that our valued customers receive products in a condition that is functioning as intended, and is satisfactory to both the customer and us. We strive to provide customers with the best possible shopping and product experience.

    1. Maintenance & Repair Services

      1.1. Free Maintenance/Repair Period

      1. If a performance/aesthetic fault that is not caused by user damage occurs to a product within its warranty period, it can sent to Kotori Audio for free maintenance or repair services. The following table shows the typical warranty duration for our products (unless otherwise stated):

      Product Type

      Warranty Duation

      Kotori Audio Earphones

      12 months

      Kotori Audio Cables

      90 days


      No warranty


      1. The warranty period for a product starts on the date of purchase, which is reflected as the issue date on a receipt, invoice or any valid Proof of Purchase (POP).

      2. Invoice, invoice copy, receipt and product warranty card can be used as POP. It is the customer's responsibility to register their product on the Product Registration page, in order for the product to be eligible for warranty coverage.

      3. Contact Kotori Audio through the available channels found in the “Contact Us” page to engage our Warranty services. If your product was purchased through an authorised dealership, please make a request through them instead.

      1.2. User Maintenance Guide

      1. For user maintenance information, please refer to the user guide included in the product box. Alternatively, you may contact Kotori Audio for maintenance advice.

        2. Non-warranty scope

          2.1. Non-warranty scope of the Product (excluding accessories)

          1. The following scenarios, involving our products, fall under the non-warranty scope and will not be covered by our warranty:
              • Damage caused by transportation or loading/unloading during return, exchange or repair
              • Damage as a result of improper disassembly, modifications or 3rd party repairs
              • Damage as a result of accidents, misuse or abuse
              • Damage due to improper installation and/or maintenance
              • Product registration was submitted with inaccurate information
              • Product serial number (if present) has been defaced and cannot be read
              • Inability to produce a Proof of Purchase
              • The warranty period has lapsed
              • Cosmetic damage and damage due to wear and tear from normal use
              • Force majeure and Acts of God

              Please take note:

              • The preceding clauses only apply to Kotori Audio products sold through the Kotori Audio Website or official sales channel of Kotori Audio.

              • Kotori Audio will not be held accountable for commitments made by the seller that are not guaranteed by Kotori Audio.

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