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so that the only thing left is to fall in love with your music

Listen between the fine lines

Powered by a single 10mm PU+PEEK composite dynamic driver, tuned for technical listening - Your music will be rendered faithfully with exceptional precision, so you will never miss a note.

Stay free
Stay on the move

A lightweight, super flexible cable paired with the lightweight Dauntless for the ultimate comfortable listening experience - enjoy your music anytime, anywhere.

Silence is golden

A completely seamless, sealed chamber shell allows the earphones to isolate and shield your ears from any incoming noise.

Under the Hood



Driver Type

10mm Dynamic Driver PU+PEEK Composite Membrane (Made in Japan)


12.2 ohms @1kHz 100dB

Total Harmonics Distortion

<0.1% @1kHz, 100dB

Frequency Response

20 Hz - 20kHz

Ultra-Flexible Cable

Ultra-Flexible Silver Plated Copper (SPC) 3.5mm TRS Plug/ 0.78mm 2-Pin

Built To Last

Industrial Hard-Tough Resin (3D Printed) Skin-Safe Lacquer Coating

Artboard 1


4.2 g (Earphone per side)
15.0 g (Cable)


2* Silicon tips (S M L)
1* Ultra-Flexible Cable (3.5mm/ 0.78mm 2-Pin)
1* Kotori Audio Pouch
1* Carabiner Hook




the Honest Audiophile

Dauntless is very accurate and true to the music, where everything is presented as per the recording. The mid range and treble are the main focus with its elevated presence, but natural presentation. It is by far the best sounding, detailed and resolution of a headphone of an earphone in this price point that I have heard!
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Resonant Reviews

I can EASILY recommend this earphone to ANYONE that likes warm natural vocals, good midbass kick and crisp highs on a budget, then definitely consider the Dauntless.

The Audiolocheese

For those who are considering gaining some experience before entering the high-end portable audio market, I strongly encourage you to have a try on Dauntless. They are how high-end standard looks like!


Highly resolving, bright, detailed, technical, great imaging, great soundstage, with fast and tight bass. For the price point that it is in, it is easily one of the better performers in terms of technicalities.
on YouTube

SuperChonk Super Audio Show

The signature of the Kotori Audio Dauntless is that it is neutral with very good levels of detail rendering. Overall, Dauntless has the character of having ultra quick and coherent transience which isn’t all that common in this price category.
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